Andrew Petterson

Born and raised in Arizona, Andrew began his study of music in the fourth grade, as a clarinetist in the school band. In high school, he began studying the trombone under private instruction and performed in various high school orchestras, marching bands, and regional and state competitions.

Primarily a self-taught composer and orchestrator, Andrew scored his first low-bedget film at the age of 20. Soon afterwards, a local film and video producer took notice of Andrew's work and hired him to compose the opening theme for a local cable television series entitled How to Buy a Used Car. With limited access to the film scoring industry in Hollywood, Andrew created a demand for his services by advertising in a nationally-published filmmaker's magazine. Numerous replies were received and Andrew ended up scoring several small films from all across the United States - from Hawaii to the East Coast.

In 1998 Andrew moved to Los Angeles, CA. In 1999, Andrew wrote music for the first-person video game Paintbrawl, developed by Activision Publishing, Inc. In June of 2006, while studying film scoring at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), he was presented with the Jerry Goldsmith / BMI Film Scoring Scholarship for his work on Four Scorpio Productions' Law of the Ninja - a film he scored in 1986. In September of 2006, Andrew won the UCLA podcast theme composition contest. Andrew is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP).